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"Hi Phil,
 You are most welcome to drop by anytime! Our reasons for selecting Artista were both the modern designs and the professional staff such as yourself who was our original contact. The service that both you and Artista provided was amazing and the end result was fabulous. We could not be happier. We are so pleased to be in the Bridgwater Forest area and in an Artista built home that was well designed, is modern and is beautiful to show others. We love the finishing job and the openness and brightness which results from the high ceilings and the many large windows facing the forested area. We have had so many compliments on the design of our home and the excellent finishing work by Artista. Also, after we moved in, Artista dealt with the very few minor issues we faced both quickly and professionally. One of the owners and Fabio even came over after hours to fix a minor problem with a door lock which technically was not their problem. Amazing!!! Service like that is seldom received these days. I am aware of other owners who were not so fortunate with their builders. Unfortunately for them they did not build with Artista. If we were ever to build again it would certainly be an Artista home and we would want to work with you again. You were so personable, accommodating and very professional. It was a pleasure to deal with you in both selecting a great lot and on throughout the building process. If anyone ever needs a recommendation from us about either you or Artista please give them our telephone number. They are most welcome to call us and even to visit our home to see the end result which we are positive will reflect proudly on all of you. Please, once again, extend our sincere thanks to everyone on the Artista team. Proud owners of an Artista built home. "

- Mark and Luisa

"I Liked your show homes. contemporary design and space. I Had a great experience working with Phil. Will recommend Phil to all friends willing to purchase Artista Homes"

- Yu (Jennifer) Peng

"We chose Artista for many reasons. First of all, the exceptional reputation they hold, and of course the quality and design of their homes. We wanted a custom made contemporary house with our stamp on everything from the colour, size, blueprints and style. Artista fulfilled everything...Of all the custom home builders I contacted, Phil was by far the most down to earth, accommodating and honest agent. We are all about loyalty, trust, and a good first impression and Phil fit the bill flawlessly

The honesty about the pricing and design was great and refreshing. Very easy communication between all parties.

Service with Phil Amero & Artista Homes was and is 1st class Features we love most about our new home is the extremely modern and great curb appeal. Features are all higher end product and built well.

Benifits of working with Artista Homes are, Open communication with the owners and Phil Amero. They treat you as a person, not just another contract number.

I have referred Phil to my immediate and extended family members, who have all used him to sell their homes.

We are thrilled with the overall experience of selling our first home with Phil, and then ultimately building our dream home with Artista and Phil. I can't think of a better representative for this company than Phil Amero!!"

- Tim and Felecia Nanassy

"Hi!!! Everything is wonderful :) I cannot keep raving to everyone about Artista and how freakin awesome our home is thanks to you guys!!! We are so happy!"

- Natalie & Michal

"We fell in love with the luxury style and felt value for dollar compared to any other builder was more superior. Phil was laid back and a low pressure sell and did not pre judge us as we were a young couple. Spent more time answering questions then anyone else and truly was great to deal with. Artista has delivered on all levels of all customer service and address any issues and questions as needed before and after sale.

We love the whole layout of our home and the massive windows and having a award winning home never hurts haha. The modern custom design is amazing. Custom everything!! Artista Homes is a 5 star house with 5 star service based on my buying experience. Classy houses, classy staff and great owners who are involved as well.

I would recommend Phil Amero and Artista Homes to everyone. Mater fact I wouldn't even consider building with anyone else. I think there homes and service is beyond a level anyone else could offer. They sold us our dream house and have been great to deal with. Phil will help you with all your needs now and down the road. Can't ask for much more then that."
Sincerely ,

- Dylan Foui & Melissa Foui

“We didn’t really know what to expect, being first time builders and all, but things got started right away. We were expecting there to be some bumps along the way of course, but we never seemed to hit them! Throughout the entire building process Artista, with their first hand service and no “middle man” interference, were extremely accommodating making the entire experience enjoyable and stress free.”

- Dion, Kristin and Jett Deschamps 

“From the beginning and throughout the building process, the guys at Artista have exceeded all of our expectations in every way. Not only were they friendly and approachable, but it seemed as though they were just as excited about building our home as we were. From choosing the design to customizing it to our needs to selecting all of the details for the interior and exterior, the guys were there every step of the way making the process not only stress free, but fun and exciting as well. The result is that our vision has been made into a reality, the quality of which is unmatched in new homes by other builders we’ve seen over the past year.”

- David and Robin Wilson

"Our experience with building with the Artista, can simply be described as phenomenal. They infuse their passion for excellence into every aspect of the home building process. As our custom home builder, they showed a dedication to ensuring that we were active participants through the entire process. They embrace an old world mentality of craftsmanship while applying innovative and contemporary elements to their home designs. Our home is an extension of us, and Artista has helped manifest that into giving us a home that continues to be an amazing space that inspires. In our eyes, they have elevated and refined their craft into something that has truly raised the bar for all custom home builders. We still come home each and every day and take pause in how beautiful our home is. "

- Raj and Ruby Patel

“To Artista - We moved into our new Artista home near the end of February and have to say that we are pleased beyond words! We were introduced to Artista through a friend of our daughter's. From the very first meeting , we were impressed with their building knowledge and willingness to build us the house we wanted. Within a very short time, we knew we had made the right decision to go with Artista. We took a shell of a plan and with the help of Artista's architect, drew up our dream home! Once the building was underway, there were many choices to be made. Without exception, everyone we dealt with through Artista was courteous and helpful. The workmanship on the interior of the house is superb! We have heard so many horror stories about the building process, but honestly, we never felt that way with Artista. The gentlemen at Artista were excellent to work with and have wonderful people skills! They never, ever made us feel like we were asking dumb questions, or were being difficult. They go out of their way to please the customer. Would we recommend Artista? . in a heartbeat! We've already raved to everyone we know about how good they are. We've even heard from people who went with other builders, how good Artista's houses are! To our new friends at Artista (and all the people who work for them) THANK YOU a million times. You've made our dream house come true!

- Marie & Barry Lundin 

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