What ARTISTA stands for?

Artista (Italian; noun):
An artist. A person (or persons) who draws, paints or produces works of art

Artista Homes is a family-owned company, guided by the 60-plus years of construction-education, experience and enthusiasm of patriarch Antonino Cotroneo Sr.

Over the past two decades Artista Homes has established a niche in Manitoba’s luxury home sector by introducing innovative designs, ideas and quality craftsmanship in custom home building, that surpasses all expectations. Four brothers – Frank, Tony, Enzo and Gino Cotroneo - lead the family-owned design-build company together with their brother-in-law Fabio Imbrogno.

With a focus on high quality and excellence, Artista Homes is tightknit group of skilled professionals with an unwavering dedication to workmanship. Artista builds for the right reasons, for the beauty they create, for the lives they better and for the love of a craft. Each owner brings decades of experience in architecture, design, construction management, and new home sales. With many of Artista Homes trade partnerships spanning over 20+ years, their trusted contractors, suppliers, and sales team, contribute a level of quality synonymous with the Artista Homes name.

Why Artista Homes

Artista Homes is a long-standing member of the Canadian Home Builders Association and the Manitoba Homes Builders association. Artista Homes holds the distinction of Certified Master Builder through the MHBA.

As with all things quality, every Artista home begins with a solid foundation. Regardless of a client’s budget, Artista Homes prides itself on maintaining the highest level of structural components in all of their homes. Oftentimes the things you don’t see are even more important than the things you do.

The importance of quality is demonstrated every day at Artista Homes—not only in the very methods used in building and superior materials used—but by the commitment to having every project personally overseen by the owners. The Artista owners are the project manager that personally oversee every home they build. They are on site daily, working closely with their team to ensure the highest of quality.

Artista believes strongly in the philosophy that its success is dependent on client satisfaction. Underscoring that philosophy, Artista prides itself on an open and continuous stream of communication between owner and builder. At Artista, the free exchange of ideas with the client is not only accepted, but encouraged.

There is peace of mind when it comes to building a brand new home with Artista Homes. Artista Homes is proud to have become the builder of choice for families across Manitoba.

Realize your dreams… allow Artista Homes to create a home as unique as you are.
Artista Homes… Innovative Ideas for Better Living