Tip #3: Selecting your lot

 a.     Budget for a lot – a safe assumption should be about 25-30% of your total new build budget (some restrictions may also be made in the size of home to be built on a specific lot (this could be based on lot size or prestige).

b.     Desired Area – the area should reflect your values and your lifestyle;

1.     Suburb or rural?

2.     Privacy or active community?

3.     Amenities in the area:

ü  Schools, shops, buildings of worship (churches, synagogues, mosques…), access to transportation, traffic, playgrounds, parks…etc.

4.     Proximity to work– most of our day is spent at work or commuting to and from work. 


c.      4 typical types of lots in Manitoba


1.     Walkup Lots – Front entrance is above street level.

2.     Walkout Lots – Basement leads out to back yard.

3.     Lookout Lots – Basement windows are at about eye level.

4.     Visitable Lots/Home designs - A combination of lot variation and home design in order to make entry and movement more convenient; for instance, no-step entries, and wider doorways and hallways.

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d.     Other characteristics that tend to drive lot prices:


1.     Aesthetics of the lot:

ü  Forest

ü  Lake

ü  The view

ü  Prestige and demand


2.     Size and shape of the lot:

ü  Extra deep

ü  Pie shaped


3.     Land developer:

ü  Designs

ü  Reputation


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